Building a life of significance, and creating a legacy of real value, means being willing to get your hands dirty. It means being willing to step out in your life and onto the platforms of influence you’ve been given and touch the lives of people in need. Whether it’s in your business, your school, your community, or your family, if you want to make a difference in the lives of the people you lead, you must be willing to walk alongside them, to lift and encourage them, to share moments of understanding with them, and to spend time with them, not just shout down at them from on high. Mentors build mentors. Leaders build leaders. When you look at it closely, it’s really one and the same thing.

– Tony Dungy

The Aspiring Leaders of Color Program will launch in March 2021 and provide:

• Coaching – Individual coaching on a regular basis from your mentor

• Collaboration – Collaborative learning sessions

• Connections – Network of mentors and mentees

To apply as a mentor please complete this application here:

To apply as a mentee please complete the application here: