International education prides itself on being cross-cultural, linguistically versatile, and a
bridge between nations. Unfortunately, the voices of ethnically and culturally diverse
educators are often ignored or silenced (Gozali, Claassen Thrush, Soto-Peña, Whang,
& Luschei, 2017). They are often denied the opportunity to interview for positions and
speak or publish in the international school community.

In some contexts, teachers in countries where we are guests are:

  • Denied opportunities to interview for teaching positions
  • Denied access to equitable professional learning
  • Not invited to be part of the decisionmaking process
  • Treated as (personal) assistants
  • Told their education is not adequate enough for teaching in an international

AIELOC has listened. Now is the time for all of us to act and ensure you are seen,
heard, valued, and affirmed. After all, for those of us who are guests in our respective
host countries, we must remember that (local) teachers are not only a valuable asset
but also knowledgeable of the culture and customs.

We Pledge To:

Be students of our host cultures and actively work toward understanding and engaging
our local communities.

To bring this pledge to life during 2022, we will:

  • Invite teachers from countries where we are guests to lead learning, open up
    dialogue, and join current AIELOC groups
  • Mentor teachers and seek pathways for them to access teaching and leadership
  • Offer free AIELOC membership to 100 teachers from countries where we are
    guests during 2022
  • Survey teachers to find out about their experiences, needs, and how we can
  • Work with all in order to address prejudice, racism, and discrimination.