Have you ever noticed the small AIELOC banner on the school website?

AIELOC started from the story of a woman who was a person of colour. She shared an
anecdote saying she was discouraged from applying for a leadership position at an international
school as her race and country of origin did not match the “expectations”.

The Association of International Educators and Leaders Of Colour (AIELOC) is an
organization that deals with racism, identity, equity, discrimination, justice, diversity and much
more. It was founded by Kevin Simpson in 2017. Would you like to be a part of such an
organization? It is noteworthy that ISD is a school member of this association.

Impact ofAIELOC
I, as an intern of this organization, believe that the meetings, core values, and success
have been exceedingly insightful and inspirational; as it made me take a deeper interest in the
inequity in my school community. It is because of such issues that I, as a teenager, constantly feel
like I don’t belong and have a fear of being judged. This is clearly visible through students
avoiding students and staff of a certain race, ethnicity, background etc. Some may also notice it
by looking at how some students are more privileged than others and are perceived to receive
more opportunities.

As an intern who has been a part of the association for the last 6 months I can assure you
of the fact that, It has impacted my overall thought and learning process in a significantly
positive manner. Every ISD student deserves the opportunity to speak up and express themselves
freely. AIELOC is the perfect place to do so as we meet with various leaders from around the
world and come together to share our experiences.

Considering ISD is one of the first members of AIELOC and thus should exemplify and
implement its core values through its regular practice. The organization deals with some notable
issues such as racism, discirmnation, injustice, gender biases,stereotypes. All of the
aforementioned have been recognized by ISD over the years and students have been actively
spreading the word about these. However, their efforts have fallen short due to other affairs.
Addressing these issues aids the school to provide a significantly better learning environment
resulting in a better sense of belonging for the students. It is hopeful to see that ISD is officially a
member of AIELOC as a small banner of the organization is visible on our official website.
However, when the official ISD website is accessed a small banner of the organization is visible;
this is not of much use as it does not give any background of the organization. Hence, a way to
show affiliation with AIELOC is to dedicate a page on the school blog or jag journal, expanding
on what the association does, and what it can do to help to improve ISD in the long run.

What hasAIELOC accomplished so far?
In an interview , Mr. Simpson tells us that the creation of AIELOC was his biggest
success so far as it grew from a mere Facebook page to a structured organization with various
connections to other schools and communities.

From 2017 to 2022 AIELOC has come a long way and the journey will continue on.
AIELOC plans to continue its expansion for a sustainable future. In the upcoming 5 years, it
envisions to, have a bigger impact on students and educators of color, start numerous programs,
develop enhanced PD sessions, advance in research and advocacy, and feature in the chapter of
a book Mr. Simpson has been working on.

Furthermore, AIELOC is making a huge difference as it organizes well-attended
conferences each year. It has created and/or supports groups of the global majority within
international education (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East) ; It is a founding member of the
anti-discrimination task-force for international schools; it is supporting schools at achieving
more diverse recruitment and, last but not least, it is supporting the exchange of more diverse
teaching resources in international education.

Taking into account all the success that AIELOC has achieved in just 5 years starting
with only one story; we can most certainly imagine the extent to which it can go if hundreds of
stories were shared, all the while challenging us to create a change.

Joshieta Pal
Intern at AIELOC
IBDP-1 (Grade: 11)