AIELOC celebrates diversity, fosters equity, and supports inclusion. We acknowledge that​ ​diverse backgrounds and voices of our community represented in the collective make us​ ​stronger and better equipped to make positive impacts globally. Collectively we are committed​ ​to upholding, diversity, equity, and inclusion within the work we do and in the organization itself.

We are all unique based on a plethora of factors—including but not limited to race, religion,​ ​creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status,​ ​disability, economic backgrounds, and experiences. Our goal is to ensure our association and​ ​international schools (with a focus on leadership) reflect this diversity.

Historical legacies and systemic barriers in the international education space have created​ ​disparities in the communities we serve. The focus of equity work must be to remove the​ ​barriers that limit the success for all educators and leaders of color. Knowing this, we strive to​ ​expand and enhance opportunities for all resulting in a shift in power, resources, and access.

We commit to listening to and learning from diverse voices, experiences, and perspectives. We create and participate in courageous conversations and spaces that encourages dialogue and the exchange of ideas. We have adopted the DEI policies and highly encourage all international schools, leaders, teachers, boards, families, and organizations to review and adopt the National Association of Independent Schools Principles of Good Practice located here:(