AIELOC condemns any and all forms of oppression. The violence in Palestine and Israel has resulted in the loss of innocent lives and immense suffering for both Palestinians and Israelis. It is crucial to acknowledge the human cost of this conflict and strive for a peaceful resolution.

We would like to take a step back from the escalating rhetoric we have been seeing and hearing around us. We want to take a moment to acknowledge the sanctity of human life – all human life. We want to beseech all of those, in and out of our circles, to apply the same definitions of humanity, equality and dignity to all people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or otherwise. We plead with those in positions of power to stop adding fuel to a fire which has been burning for too long and has consumed too many innocent lives.

The only way forward is with open hearts and minds and a solid plan of action that ensures Israelis and Palestinians can live full, meaningful lives with equal opportunities for peace and self-determination. It is impossible to do this without recognizing and acknowledging the real and devastating impact that the military occupation has had on Palestinian lives and livelihoods and the failure of the international community to address the systemic discrimination, apartheid, and colonization faced by Palestinians.

We encourage schools to take this stance in both supporting Palestine and Israel’s right to exist and recognizing that our Israeli, Palestinian, Jewish, Muslim and Arab students and community members need our support during this horrific time.

AIELOC calls for unity in our movements for liberation of all people. We emphasize that supporting Palestinian liberation is not and should not be equated with anti-Semitism. This statement should not be co-opted for any other purpose than to support the people of Palestine and Israel.

Ada Aharoni poem:

The Lie That Exploded in Gaza

That night in Gaza, under the stars,
under the full moon in an inky sky,
the big lie suddenly exploded
with a Big Bang
in my heart and in my mind
shattering all my limbs
and all my heroic values.

The big lie suddenly exploded
Like a whizzing shrapnel through my brain
The big lie “Violence can stop conflicts!”

What a lie! What a big, horrible lie –
Violence cannot stop conflicts!
Only peace talks and peace negotiations
Can stop conflicts
Only a clear peacemaking Road Map
Can stop conflicts.

The Big Bang Lie
exploded in the depths of my heart
And of my deluded mind
together with the the dynamite
exploding the Philadelphi house
of an old grandmother desperately
searching for her glasses and medicine in
the rubble –

That explosive night was my epiphany
And I suddenly saw the light.


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