AIELOC is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and anti-racism. We acknowledge that​ ​the diverse backgrounds and voices of our community represented in the collective make us​ ​stronger and better equipped to make a positive impact globally. Our beliefs as educators are consistent with those of the United Nations (UN) and other allied entities globally. According to the UN (2007), education can empower those who are marginalized or excluded from participating in communication, discussions, and decision-making.  The UN states further that education will provide opportunities to learn the history and culture of one’s own society, as well as that of other societies, which will cultivate the understanding of, sensitivity for, and appreciation of other societies, cultures and religions. Education also helps people to understand the character of the oppressions, exploitations, exclusions and destructions committed against humanity.

Our goal is to ensure that our association and our global partners demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and anti-racism and that this is reflected in policies, programs, practices, recruitment, curriculum, and the life of the institutions in general.



We are all unique based on a plethora of factors—including but not limited to race, religion,​ ​creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status,​ ​disability, economic backgrounds, and experiences. Our goal is to ensure our association and​ ​international schools (especially leadership) reflect this diversity. That our association, and partner international schools globally also demonstrate a commitment to nurturing a just, equitable, and inclusive environment that is culturally responsive in policies, staff and student recruitment, the curriculum, and the life of the institution in general.



Historical legacies and systemic barriers in society are mirrored in international education spaces. These circumstances have created​ ​disparities and inequities in the communities we serve. The focus of equity work must be to remove the​ ​barriers that limit the success for all educators and leaders of color. Knowing this, we strive to​ ​expand and enhance opportunities for all resulting in a shift in power, resources, and access.


Inclusion and Belonging

We commit to listening, learning, and valuing diverse voices, experiences, and perspectives. We create and participate in courageous conversations and spaces that encourage dialogue and the exchange of ideas. Inclusive leaders empower others, hold people accountable, demonstrate courage, and are humble. They create a strong sense of belonging for all constituents in the international education ecosystem.  Belonging is essential for ensuring an inclusive community where people feel valued, engaged, and free to be themselves.



We believe people should be treated fairly and have access to opportunities. Our commitment is to dismantle barriers and create equitable opportunities in the international school ecosystem. We seek to create and support systems that are fair, just, and allow all to thrive and fully live.  AIELOC is committed to healing, repairing, and restoring intercultural humanity and human rights for all in international school settings across the world.



We acknowledge systemic racism and white supremacy culture as a serious pandemic in international education that must be dismantled. We commit to anti-racism principles in our work.  AIELOC affirms that we are committed to identifying, discussing, challenging, and taking action to dismantle racism. We will work with others to identify and eliminate racism by changing systems, structures, policies, and practices, so that power is redistributed and shared equitably.


We have adopted policies and highly encourage all international schools, associations, leaders, teachers, boards, families, and organizations to review and adopt the National Association of Independent Schools Principles of Good Practice located here: